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the most vibrant, user friendly DTF transfers made right here in Calgary

If you are a small business or hobbyist that already has access to a heat press machine, our DTF transfers are a great way to process your custom apparel orders quickly with none of the limitations that you would experience with traditional heat transfer vinyl. Pixel Imaging offers custom DTF transfers, printed right here in Calgary, Alberta. We offer extremely competitive wholesale pricing on our DTF (direct to film) heat transfers that will allow you to process large orders quickly and efficiently, while maintaining excellent profit margins for your custom T-Shirt or custom apparel business!

Benefits of Direct-To-Film (DTF) Transfers• Print complex designs on clothing without the need for weeding
• No limitations on number of colours or gradients
• Superior hand feel to vinyl transfers
• Works on cotton, polyester and many other fabrics

We offer our custom Direct-To-Film (DTF) Transfers either individually cut in various sizes, or on gang sheets ranging from 6 to 30 feet, providing you the ability to set up a whole sheet with various different jobs and designs, while still benefiting from the cost savings of bulk ordering.
Our Direct-To-Film (DTF) transfers are easy to apply, and in most cases with just one heat press, you can process 50-100 items per hour, providing unmatched profitability for custom garment embellishment.


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