A commercial vehicle decal kit designed, manufactured and installed by Pixel Imaging in Calgary. Printed decals with complex gradients are positioned over both doors on each side of the pickup, taglines are placed along the pickup bed and the tailgate features the company's logo, website and phone number.

Vehicle Decals Calgary

Affordable Custom Vehicle decals that do what paint can't!

Pixel Imaging produces and installs custom vehicle decals and wraps in Calgary for fleets, company vehicles, commercial vehicles and personal vehicles. We make decals for all vehicle types: car stickers, truck decals, motorcycle decals, trailer decals, ATV decals and more for businesses and retail consumers.

We offer all decal types including machine-cut vinyl, lettering, full-color printed decals, die cut decals, decals with the background removed, GVW/tare decals, car stickers and truck decals.

With our in-house design, production and installation services, we can help you every step of the way in creating anything ranging from a custom vehicle decal kit to a fully printed vehicle wrap.

We emphasize personal service every step of the way, and are happy to talk about your next vehicle decal project and offer our 10+ years of knowledge to provide you with the best vinyl decal products suited for your job.

Pixel Imaging is the leading car, truck and vehicle decal company in and near Calgary, Alberta, serving our clients for over a decade. We always come in at a lower price on car and truck graphics in Calgary than dealerships without a sacrifice to quality or workmanship.

Contact us today for a quote. Guaranteed quality. No minimum order quantity. No setup fees.

Pixel Imaging is committed to providing our commercial customers with the highest quality vehicle decals and graphics at a fair price. Our quality vehicle graphics can add value to your brand image, attract customers and allow compliance with government regulation. Pixel Imaging is the top provider of commercial vehicle decals in and near Calgary, Alberta.

Contact us today for a free quote and we will be happy to help you transform your vehicle or fleet. No minimum order quantity. No setup fees.

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