Custom decals with transfer tape, made by Pixel Imaging

Custom Vinyl Decals Calgary

Custom Decals For Any Application

Custom vinyl decals are very similar to stickers in many ways, however they are often printed on higher-quality materials or specialty materials such as high-tack industrial vinyl. Custom decals are also usually die cut our contour cut along the edge of the design, and come preinstalled with a premising tape to assist with installation.

Our custom decals are designed and printed exactly to your specifications, using materials that are appropriate for your specific use case such as industrial applications, floor decals, removable wall decals, or vehicle decals that will withstand harsh conditions outdoors.

Pixel Imaging produces and installs custom vinyl decals for any application. Our decals can be made in any color, shape and size to fit your needs.

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Pixel Imaging offers great turnaround times and a friendliness to last-minute changes and edits. We serve our business clients with the utmost attention to their production, design and marketing needs.

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