Wall decals & graphics help businesses create a professional, branded look within their spaces.

Wall Decals Calgary

Add Impactful Graphics for Branding or Aesthetics to Your Business, Home and Office Using our Custom Wall Decals and Stickers!

Pixel Imaging has been trusted by Calgarians as a specialist in custom-printed wall decals for over a decade! We produce and install wall decals and graphics, customized to the specific needs of your project. Decorate, brand and enhance your interior retail space, corporate office, event venue or living area with our custom-printed wall decals in Calgary and area. Our customers use wall graphics to display their branding and logos in offices, stores and other facilities. Wall decals provide some of the best value for your money when it comes to wall signage. Made with high quality materials from our brands like Avery Dennison® and 3M™, Pixel Imaging offers the best value on wall graphics in and near Calgary, Alberta, all backed by our great industry reputation and satisfaction guarantee!

Our self-adhesive wall decals, stickers and wraps are long lasting, allowing you to customize just about any space for aesthetics or corporate branding quickly and easily. There is also a removable option for temporary aesthetic changes, allowing you to safely remove the printed vinyl from your walls without causing damage to the paint underneath.

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Available Styles for Wall Decals & Graphics

Pixel Imaging offers all styles of wall decals in Calgary and surrounding area:

  • Logos
  • Text/Machine-Cut Vinyl Lettering
  • Machine-Cut Designs
  • Wall Murals
  • Photo-Print Wall Graphics
  • Word Clouds
  • Contour-cut Graphics
  • Fully-Covered Walls (Wall Wraps)
  • Full-Color Printed Graphics
  • Informational Wall Graphics

Logo Wall Decals

Your company logo wall decal can be printed in full color and contour cut by machine for an amazing result. Logo wall decals are among the most affordable ways to make a big impact on the interior wall space of your business.

Text/Machine-Cut Lettering Wall Decals

Text can be machine-cut from colored vinyl or printed with different colors, gradients, outlines and effects. Popular uses are to provide information such as business hours, services and instructions.

Machine-Cut Designs

Any custom shape can be cut by machine from single-color vinyl or full-color printed vinyl. This makes complicated and accurate shapes available for your wall decal or graphic.

Wall Murals

Pixel Imaging designs, produces and installs decorative wall murals featuring any artwork and photos you choose. Decorating has never been easier!

Looking for pre-made, decorative wall murals in water colors and other styles? Pixel Imaging recommends our partner Alia Wall Co.

Photo-Print Wall Graphics

Your photos can be printed in a large size and applied as a wall decal or graphic. This can be a singular photo, multiple photos and as part of a larger design. High-resolution photos are needed for large sizes.

Word Clouds

Word cloud wall graphics consist of a number of words in various colors, sizes, orientations and fonts forming a single visual piece. Word clouds are popularly used to establish a theme, philosophy or ethos through language.

Contour-Cut Graphics

Shapes can be contour cut by machine such that only the printed part of your graphic is left once applied to the wall.

Fully-Covered Walls (Wall Wraps)

Walls can be fully covered with vinyl to achieve a color change or display a custom-printed graphic. Artwork, photos, text and logos are popular components of wall wraps.

Wall Stickers

If you are looking to decorate a space but do not want to commit to a larger wall graphic or mural, wall stickers are the perfect option! Wall stickers are a creative and impactful way to decorate your office or livign space and add a splash of color and custom imagery. Wall stickers are easily applied and removed without needing costly installation services, or any special tools.

Frequently-Asked Questions About Our Wall Decals & Graphics

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