Hard hat stickers with bubble-free air-egress technology.

Custom Hard Hat Stickers Calgary

premium, laminated 3M™ VINYL Hard Hat Stickers That Stick Properly with no Bubbles

We produce machine-cut vinyl hard hat stickers that STICK PROPERLY at some of the lowest local prices in Calgary using our Premium 3M™ NO-BUBBLE sticker vinyl and the most brilliant UV-resistant inks with lamination options available. Guaranteed quality. No minimum order quantity. No setup fees.

Great hard hat stickers/decals are bright and colorful, allowing instant identification of a worker’s level of orientation and training, even from a distance. Eye-catching hard hat stickers help workers reflect on their associated job training and feel a sense of pride in their knowledge and work history. All workers appreciate a stylish hard hat sticker to add to the esthetics of their PPE!

Call or text us to discuss custom, waterproof hard hat sticker printing and machine cutting for your Calgary business — we can use your pre-existing designs or do everything in-house, it’s up to you!

Hard Hat Sticker Design & Bubble-Free Application

Did you know that the size and shape of a hard hat sticker/decal makes a big difference to how well it sticks and how long it lasts? The best hard hat stickers are free of sharp corners that can weather and peel, and are machine-cut from 3M™ material designed to contour curved surfaces without bubbling. Ideal hard hat stickers are 2 inches or less in the vertical dimension to ensure adhesion to hard hat curves without bubbling and wrinkling. Stickers taller than 2 inches may require heat before or after application depending on their geometry and location: Simply heat the sticker using a heat gun or hair dryer, stretch slightly while applying, and heat again to smooth out any wrinkles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase hard hat stickers in any size?

We can manufacture your custom hard hat stickers in any size! Hard hat stickers that are larger than 2 inches in the vertical dimension may require extra care when applying them to your hard hat.

How can I eliminate bubbles and wrinkles when installing my hard hat stickers?
  • We stand out from our competitors by printing all of our hard hat stickers on highly conformable Premium 3M™ Sticker Vinyl with air-egress technology on the glue layer. Premium 3M™ Sticker Vinyl with air-egress technology has tiny grooves on the glue side that allow you to work any air trapped under the sticker to the edges where it can then be released, eliminating the bubble.
  • When applying large hard hat stickers greater than 2 inches in the vertical dimension, you may find that they are harder to conform to the rounded hard hat surface. In these situations, applying mild heat to the sticker using a hair dryer or heat gun will aid in softening the vinyl sticker, making it easier to conform to the curvature of the surface.
My logo file looks like it could use some help. Can I still use it to print hard hat stickers?

Yes! We have a team of graphic designers available to help clean up your logo or make any alterations. Just give us a call and we will discuss all of your options and make professional recommendations.

What shapes work best for hard hat stickers?

We are able to create custom hard hat stickers in any shape! Keep in mind that larger stickers will be more difficult to apply. Smaller circular stickers, rectangular stickers that are 2 inches or less in height and triangles tend to be the easiest to apply.

Is it okay to put stickers on my hard hat?
  • When installing your hard hat stickers, ensure that the sticker is placed at least 0.75 inches away from the edge of the hard hat so that it cannot act as an electrical conductor between the inside and outside surfaces.
  • Stickers can conceal any defects or damage on your hard hat which would normally be easy to see. Ensure that you inspect your hard hat often for damage.
  • Check with your hard hat manufacturer.

Pricing - 3M™ Premium Vinyl Hard Hat Stickers

Premium 3M™25501002505001000
2" x 2"$3.49$1.99$1.24$0.62$0.45$0.37
2" x 3.5"$3.59$2.09$1.39$0.99$0.89$0.79
2" x 4"$3.69$2.19$1.49$1.22$1.09$0.99

Pricing - 3M™ Premium Vinyl Hard Hat Stickers - Oversize

2.5" x 3"$3.59$2.09$1.39$0.99$0.89$0.79
3" x 4"$3.79$2.29$1.59$1.32$1.19$1.09

Oversized hardhat stickers may require heat before or after application to avoid wrinkles.

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