Label products made by Pixel Imaging. BOPP roll labels (top), basic vinyl sheet labels (bottom).

High-Volume Custom Label Printing in Calgary

High-Quantity, Customized Label Printing with Blazing-Fast Turnaround Time for Calgary Area Production & Manufacturing

Pixel Imaging offers quality wholesale, high-volume label printing services at some of the lowest prices in Calgary. Savings over our competitors is typical on BOPP, paper and polyester roll labels.

If your business needs thousands, hundreds-of-thousands or millions of customized, self-adhesive product labels, Pixel Imaging has your solution in Calgary with affordable bulk and wholesale label printing.

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Pixel Imaging specialize in business-to-business sales on wholesale label orders and is friendly to last-minute changes and edits. Let us solve your design issues with our expert in-house design. Pixel Imaging provides total high-volume label solutions to Calgary-area producers and manufacturers no matter the time, no matter the product.

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