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Custom Fleet Vehicle Decals
Calgary Printing & Installation

Custom Car, Truck & Trailer Decals for Company Vehicles

Pixel Imaging can help your company develop and display a clean, professional and uniform look for your fleet vehicles or comply with regulation. Whether your commercial vehicle fleet is comprised of just a few units or dozens, we are equipped to deliver what you need. Our fleet decals offer unmatched quality and add value to your company's branding by transforming each and every vehicle into a moving billboard. We also provide GVW and tare decals for heavy trucks. We are always committed to providing the best fleet graphics in Calgary, each and every time! Guaranteed quality. No minimum order quantity. No setup fees.

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No need to spend your valuable time ferrying vehicles to and from our shop — allow our AMVIC-certified installers to pick up your vehicles wherever you are for complete, effortless installation service. We will carefully install your decals or wraps and have each car or truck back as soon as it is ready.


We use Premium 3M™ and Avery Dennison® vinyl materials for our fleet decals and wraps. These industry-leading materials are ultra-durable, abrasion-resistant and waterproof providing an ideal surface for brilliant, printed vehicle graphics.


Need help with your logo and graphics? Allow us to assist you with your designs! Our expert in-house designers will ensure that your branding and imagery is absolutely the most effective marketing campaign that it can be.

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Frequently-Asked Questions

Do you install?

Yes, we have a fully-equipped shop where you can bring your vehicle for installation. We also offer pickup and delivery service for fleet vehicles at an additional cost.

Can I install my own decals?

Yes! Our car, truck and vehicle decals are printed on Premium 3M™ Air-Egress Vinyl, making installation much easier than typical vinyl films. This material has tiny grooves on the glue side that allow air and bubbles to be worked out from underneath the vinyl, resulting in an easier installation. But we do recommend allowing us to install your decals for you to ensure a professional-quality result with no risk of ruining your decals and having to reprint, especially for large or complex decaling.

Are they easy to remove?

Vehicle decals can be removed! Depending on how long they have been on the vehicle, you may need to use a heat gun or hairdryer to soften the vinyl before removing it. A paint-safe adhesive remover can remove any remaining glue residue.

Is this a good deal? How do you price vehicle decals and graphics?

Our vehicle decals and graphics pricing is extremely competitive in the local market for decals manufactured with materials of equal quality. Our prices are based on size and quantity. We offer great volume discounts the larger the quantity or square footage.

How long do car, truck and vehicle decals and graphics last?

Depending on which vinyl material you choose and the environmental elements they will be exposed to, printed vehicle decals will generally last anywhere from 3–7 years on average. We use the absolute high-quality materials to ensure you get the most out of your vehicle decal. You will not find a longer-lasting decal anywhere else.

Is there a warranty?

We offer a one-year installation and workmanship warranty our vinyl decals and graphics. Our 3M™ and Avery Dennison® decals and graphics carry an additional material warranty.

Will it fit my vehicle correctly?

Yes! We use precision computer templates in order to fit and arrange your car, truck and vehicle decals and graphics. These templates are made ahead of time by laser-scanning real vehicles to ensure an exact fit.

Which colors should I choose?

You can choose any colors you like! We print car, truck and vehicle decals and graphics in full-color using ultra-brilliant Mimaki® inks. We also use Avery Dennison® color-match vinyl for single-color lettering and cuts. It is best to use a color that contrasts with your vehicle paint for logos, phone numbers and textual elements to ensure your decals are visually sharp and easy to read.

Which color works best on glass?

White decals and decals with white borders stand out best because vehicle glass is generally tinted.

How long have you been making vehicle decals and graphics?

Pixel Imaging has been serving car, truck and vehicle clients for over a decade.

Will my rear windshield wipers affect my decals?

Yes, rear windshield wipers can cause graphics on the back glass to degrade much faster.

Can the decals go through a car wash?

Yes, vehicle decals can be washed — they are waterproof, but using high pressure may deteriorate them faster.

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