Why Stickers Are a Powerful Marketing Tool

The first self-adhesive sticker was invented in 1935 by Ray Stanton Avery, founder of what we now know as the Avery Dennison Corporation. Customized stickers are affordable to produce and can be seen everywhere from sign posts and vehicles to guitar cases and laptops. With the rise of digital printing technology, they are easy to manufacture in large numbers. Sure, they are cool — but as a brand owner, you might be asking yourself “why does this matter to me?”

Custom-printed vinyl stickers in Calgary

Custom Stickers Are Low-Stakes-High-Rewards When It Comes to Marketing

Stickers can be a powerful marketing tool. A consumer needs 5–7 impressions (or views) of your brand logo to remember it. Using customized stickers that showcase your unique designs, ideas and logos can be a great way to get more brand exposure and impressions. This allows people to more easily remember you and support your brand in the future. Big brands that we all recognize such as Nike, Under Armour and Apple have been giving out free stickers with their products for many years, with good reason: Custom stickers are affordable to the marketer and provide a high value for the customer, all while accomplishing the task of brand promotion. Everyone loves free stuff, right?

Polishing Your Brand with Custom Stickers

Aside from providing free stickers as a gift to customers and prospects, brand owners can also use customized stickers and labels to create an impactful first impression to anyone who is viewing or purchasing their products. Statistics show that 72% of consumers say their purchasing decision is influenced by the packaging design. And 40% of consumers will share an image of your packaging on social media if it was unique or branded.

Custom Stickers Are a Powerful Marketing Tool

It is clear that providing memorable and well-designed packaging is in the best interests of any business that is selling products, and that custom stickers and labels are an affordable way to make it happen. With digital technology at the forefront of the printing industry, it is easy to change up your designs on the fly and print millions of variations of colors on a huge variety of different self-adhesive sticker media.

Using customized stickers and labels from Pixel Imaging as part of your branding and marketing strategies is fast, affordable and effective. Take a look at our custom sticker products available and let us help to get the word out about your brand!