Label Printing 101

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Label Printing 101: What You Need to Know

There’s a lot going on in your day to day operations as a professional. Whether you’re a self-employed maker and seller of beauty products, or you work in a medical facility with medication bottles, you are more than familiar with the label printing market in Calgary. How do you get the best labels at a great price? It’s all about trusting the right professionals to help you out with your roll label printing. From standard nutritional label designs to custom product labels, it’s all doable with the right professionals at your side.

What our label printer provides:

Our professionalism is only as good as our machine, right? So we’re happy to introduce you to our label printing technology to take care of all of your label printing needs!

  • Full CMYK color: No grayscale or strangely pigmented customer product labels for you! Our printer has a full CMYK color that is as accurate in real life as it is in your design on the computer. No bleeding or blending either. Just crisp and perfectly-pigmented roll label printing.
  • Works with all material types: Another benefit to going with the true professionals for your printing needs in Calgary is that you can pick any type of label media! Our label technology can handle all of your favorites, including: glossy, matte, polypropylene, biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and polyester. All of these materials are designed for printing with the utmost attention to detail and quality.
  • Fast feeding speed: No long manufacturing delays to worry about. Depending on the size of your labels and item count, this feeds between 31 and 62 feet per minute, meaning that you get your order faster!
  • Works with multiple digital file formats: Unlike some of the more traditional commercial options in label printing, you can work from a variety of formats, including PPML, PDF, and VT. This will give you maximum convenience when ordering and can be a huge perk to anyone who needs added control.
  • Designed for personalization: Our machine was designed specifically for custom product labels.

Why outsource label printing?

Why should you outsource your printing to a business in Calgary when you can just get the templates yourself and DIY instead? Because you will miss out on all of these perks:

  • No need to invest in printers: The right machine for roll label printing is going to be expensive, take up a lot of space, and be tricky to get working properly every single time. It will require expertise and expensive labor.
  • No inks, toners or hassles: You’ll never run out of ink halfway through your rush batch or have off-center label printing. You’ll never have to stress about paper jams or loading something in backwards or upside down. Just convenient results with none of the stress!
  • Professional quality results: Outsourcing to a dedicated printing service is going to give you professional results every time. If something isn’t perfect when it comes off the press, it is reprinted and replaced by us exactly as you ordered.
  • Custom product labels and designs: If you have a unique idea for your labels, a dedicated professional company will give you maximum room for experimentation and getting true customized labels that will define you — in a good way!
  • No minimums: Whether you need 10 or 10,000 standard labels; or half on rolls and half not, we’re ready to help you determine the right order size and scaling for your needs.
  • Timely delivery: No more endless waiting for labels to arrive at your doorstep! You will get timely delivery and are perfect for when you want to get things done right away.

Label printing is a serious part of branding and we get that. While DIY is certainly an option, it may not be where you want to put your time and efforts. If this is the case, trust none other than Pixel Imaging as your Calgary label-printing service. If you run a small-to-medium business looking to speed up production, we’re here to help!