Vinyl Wall Graphics: The Basics of Decorating Interior Spaces

Custom-printed vinyl wall decals and wraps at a tradeshow event booth

In the last decade, vinyl printing technologies and materials have come a long way in terms of simplicity, ease of application and affordability. Custom-printed vinyl can be a fantastic way to decorate the interior spaces of homes and offices, or to provide impactful branding at live events and venues. Permanent vs. Removable Vinyl Wall Graphics…

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Label Printing – The Basics

Label printing Calgary: A selection of custom-printed product labels for producers and manufacturers that haven't been stuck to product containers yet.

If you’ve ever shopped for custom labels in Calgary, you may have been overwhelmed or confused by the different options available. Today, we are going to break down the most common types of label materials used for custom label printing and simplify the decision making process. Label Packaging: Rolls vs Sheets Unused Labels are typically…

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Why Vehicle Decals Are Essential to Your Business

A custom-printed partial vinyl vehicle wrap on the side of a Ford pickup truck.

Before the use of modern vehicle decals and auto graphics, and even before the advent of motors, business people recognized the value of displaying images and messages on their vehicles as a way of advertising and asserting their brand image. Advertisers would display messages on the horsefly nets they draped over the sides of their…

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Why Stickers Are a Powerful Marketing Tool

Custom-printed vinyl stickers in Calgary

The first self-adhesive sticker was invented in 1935 by Ray Stanton Avery, founder of what we now know as the Avery Dennison Corporation. Customized stickers are affordable to produce and can be seen everywhere from sign posts and vehicles to guitar cases and laptops. With the rise of digital printing technology, they are easy to…

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Infographic: What Shoppers Say About Product Labels

Share this Image On Your Site Please include attribution to with this graphic. Description Visual representation of key statistics on what shoppers say (and feel) about the labels on products they encounter while shopping. This infographic is useful to marketers and designers working with visual media and product label design. Over half of shoppers…

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